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3-Day Soldering Workshop
(with optional 4th shop day!)

Our three-day soldering workshop is tailored to the out-of-town student. It is offered the first Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each month, with an optional shop day on Friday.

The Cost:

  • $225 for the three-day workshop (materials not included)
  • $35 for the add-on extra shop day
  • Bonus 10% discount of any classes taken in conjunction with this workshop
  • Note: registration and fees must be complete one week before the workshop starts, call today to make sure you're not left out!

The Details:

Dates Offered:

  • Sept. Tue. 6th – Thurs. 8th
  • Oct. Tue. 4th – Thurs. 6th
  • Nov. Tue. 1st – Thurs. 3rd
  • Dec. Tue. 6th – Thurs. 8th

Day 1: Shop Safety / Intro to Soldering / Fun with Wire

Tuesday, 9AM to 6PM with a 1-hour lunch breakPlenty of room!

We begin with a 1-hour Shop Safety Class, then jump right in to the basic soldering class. In this class you'll...

  • Learn soldering skills and torch control
  • Understand what is happening and why it is done that way - this makes troubleshooting so much easier.
  • Spend plenty of time with the torch which will give you confidence and control.

After the introduction to soldering, we break for a one-hour lunch, then head right back in for some Fun with Wire! In this class we'll make something a little more intricate and spend more time with the torch. We will also be practicing our filing, shaping and polishing skills. Fun with Wire

Day 2: Applique / Clasps & Bails

Wednesday 9AM to 6PM with a 1-hour lunch break

On the second day, we'll refine our piercing and sawing skills. We'll start by learning how to applique solder different metals together and further perfect our filing, sanding and polishing skills that are so essential to good craftsmanship.

After a 1-hour lunch, we'll learn about clasps and bails. In this course we'll discuss practical skills and great techniques for making decorative and useful findings.Clasps and Bails

Day 3: Stone Setting

Thursday 9AM to 6PM with a 1-hour lunch break

Today is the big day! At this point we're ready to tackle Stone Setting. We will be bezel-setting a fun stone and turning it into either a pendant, ring or bracelet - you'll get to decide! Bring your favorite stone and be prepared to really impress yourself.Stone Setting

Day 4: Extra Shop Day

Friday 10AM to 5PM

The extra day gives you the time you need to finish up a projects or begin another while the techniques we discussed are still fresh in your mind. Have any questions? Our instructors are right there with you to help you with whatever you need to know.

A normal shop day at String Bead costs $50, but if you take it in conjunction with the workshop it is only $35. Extra Shop Day

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