Metal Fabrication & Enameling Classes

Take your jewelry skills to the next level. In our fully equipped 1000sq. ft. Backroom Fabrication Shop we offer classes from beginner to advanced in both metal fabrication and glass art. Our prices are competitive with most community colleges, and definitely lower than private or apprenticeship programs.

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String Bead Backroom shop time is priced per hour with a one hour minimum. Pre-paid shop cards are offered for maximum savings! These cards will allow you to come in and use our shop at times that are convenient to you during store hours. For more information inquire at String Bead. Shop prices are as follows:

  • $12.00 per hour with 1 hour minimum
  • $25.00 for 3 hours = $8.33 per hour
  • $50.00 for 7 hours = $7.15 per hour
  • $100.00 for 15 hours = $6.67 per hour
  • $200.00 for 40 hours = $5.00 per hour
  • Kiln rental $25.00 per firing

Beginning Soldering -- $45.00 Materials included

Soldered Bangles -- $45.00 Materials not included

Torch Enameling -- $35.00 Materials included

Beg. Soldering The ONE
Soldered Bangles
Torch Enamel Small

This is the in-depth class that will equip you for using the soldering torches at String Bead. This is again a case of everyone being on the same page. Besides learning the fundamental procedures of soldering you will learn how we are coordinating the soldering stations so that everyone will get the most for their money. We will be making a simple linked project that will cover the basics of soldering, taking you all the way through preparing your metals, which solders to use and why, and how to finish it. After this class you can get as creative as you like. We hope it will be the gateway to many hours of shop time camaraderie.

Oh my goodness. Just look at them!!! These soldered bangles are out of this world! We are so excited about how easy these are to personalize. If you have ever wondered how to create those trendy stackable bracelets from scratch, then take this class! These bracelets are great soldering practice to get you to the next place and take more advance classes.

No kiln, no problem! Enamel small pieces quick and pain-free with a minimum of fuss. This younger sibling of kiln enameling is perfect for a home setup and adds a bright and colorful element to your standard beading and metal work.

Saturday, Feb. 24th 12-5pm
Saturday, Mar. 10th 12-5pm

Saturday, Mar. 3rd 10-1pm

Saturday, Mar. 10 10-1pm

Micro Mosaic -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Semi Soft Soldering Rhinestone Jewelry -- $25.00 Some Materials included

Advanced Rhinestone Jewelry -- $25.00 Some Materials included

Adv. Rhinestone Jewelry

Anyone who knows Carole knows her passion for Micro Mosaic. After research, calling, studying with, and hounding as many authorities as she could, she finally gathered up enough fun facts and techniques to offer Traditional Micro Mosaic. We will pull our own tessere, incanalato, and leaves, and boccio using enamels and glass, and learn assemblage using traditional grouts and patterns. Let’s not let this skill die out!

Haven’t you always wanted to make rhinestone brooches, necklaces, and bracelets? I know I have, but no one ever tells their secrets! Well we do! Learn what you need for assembly, soldering, and plating a piece, from beginning to end! Vintage Heaven happens here!

“But I Don’t Have a Kiln”… DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! We will cover microwave kilns! And their instant gratification! “But I DO Have a Kiln”…YOU WON”T BE BORED! We will cover so many aspects of glass fusing that you will be thrilled. Glass is awesome and we love it so much it will be a fun, fun, FUN class

Saturday, Mar. 17th 10-1pm


Saturday, Mar. 31st 10-1pm

Saturday, Apr. 7th 10-1pm

Glass Fusing “But I DON’T have a Kiln” -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Knot Rings -- $45.00 Materials included

Applique -- $45.00 Some materials included

But I Dont Have A Kiln
Knot Rings 2

“But I Don’t Have a Kiln”… DON’T LET THAT STOP YOU! We will cover microwave kilns! And their instant gratification! “But I DO Have a Kiln”…YOU WON”T BE BORED! We will cover so many aspects of glass fusing that you will be thrilled. Glass is awesome and we love it so much it will be a fun, fun, FUN class

Knot that ring! Twists and turns and knots galore! These fun rings will have you looking up knots for days with mind boggling excitement! Here you will learn how to solder rings with an extra flair, from a crossed over knot to a simple overhand you’ll learn it all!

This class will teach you more advanced soldering techniques, including: More than one metal - More than one trip to the torch - More than one kind of solder - A quick trip to the drill – Some saw work - And then a recap of finishing techniques. Then you are ready for the advanced classes! If you want this class to go smother take the “Open Saw Work” class it might be easier for you, and your project will go smother, (don’t get me wrong you can do this class without it too).

Beginning Soldering Prerequisite 

Saturday, Apr. 7th 10-1pm

Saturday, Mar. 3rd 2-5pm

Saturday, Mar. 17th 10-1pm

Etched Glass Fusing -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Bring It All Together -- $35.00 Materials included

Delicate Work -- $45.00 Some materials included

Etched Glass Fusing
Bring it all together.
Delicate Work

Glass Fusing is always such fun and looks wonderful! And in this class we’ll be showing you a delightful new look of etching your glass! Wow everyone you know with fun patterns and designs you’ll be able to create! All skill levels are welcome.

Have you taken riveting or etching or a saw class? But now don’t know how to take it to the next level? This class gives you the chance to combine your skills into one finished piece. If you have taken one or all of these classes, this class if for you! We starting with an etched background, and then continuing with a sawed out piece, and finally bringing it all together with riveting! All Skill levels are welcome.

If attention to detail is something you hold close, this class was meant for you! Focus on 20 to 18 gauge sterling silver wire with delicate tube and prong settings. Learn how to create small detail work out of wire, using tools, hands, and needle file to help you. You will gain the skill to not melt your metals, and gain the know how to control your flame. Multi-steps to the torch and back, and how to read your reds. Soldering thin wire to thicker wire takes some skills. Learning how to solder the next piece without melting your last piece is what we are focusing on. Let us help you make a beautiful delicate worked necklace while gaining so much knowledge about soldering!

Beginning Soldering Prerequisite 

Saturday, Apr. 7th 2-4pm

Saturday, Apr. 21st 10-1pm

Saturday, Apr. 14th 10-1pm

Prong Settings -- $75.00 Some materials included

Stone Setting -- $75.00 Some Materials included

Champleve Enameling Workshop -- $75.00 Some Materials included

Champleve Enameling workshop

We’ve created yet another wonderful soldering class to help you expand your skills without too much effort! Premade settings!!! This class not only gives you more soldering skills but you learn how to simple set pointed back stones. You have lots of different options now on pre-made settings, and we cover them all, while you are making an amazing soldered pendant. After this class, you can add these settings to any soldered project and instant bling happens.

At least 2 Intermediate Soldering Classes, or equivalent in shop time study is necessary to take advanced workshop. 

This is an advanced class and in order to keep up we really encourage the recommendations so that there are no frustrations later. It is well worth it to be prepared. Patience and practice is what will make all the difference for this class so that your setting will come out looking professional!

At least 2 Intermediate Soldering Classes, or equivalent in shop time study is necessary to take advanced workshop. 

The first part of this class will be learning deep Etching, counter enameling, and prepping a piece for the enamel work you will achieve on the front. After a short meal break we will begin the journey of champleve! We will explore color, blending, foils, and layering! Thin layers and multiple times to the kiln will provide clarity and luster. We will wind it up with sanding, stoning and fire polishing. Our goal is that you leave with a thorough understanding and a love for enameling that will carry you forward in your artistry.

Saturday, Apr. 21st 10-5pm

Saturday, Apr. 28th 10-5pm

Saturday, Apr. 7th 10-5pm