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Guest Artist Classes

These special classes are taught by our extremely talented guest artists. Typically, they're offered Call us at 530/894-2323 today to sign up!

Douglas Dossett

Douglas Dossett began his artistic career in 1992 pursuing surface design: making paper, quilting, constructing mosaics, and painting designs for carpets, weaving, needlework and wallpaper. One day he happened by a glass store that featured stained glass and fused glass designs. After getting a job at the store, he became fascinated with torchwork and lampwork, initially working with beads and fused jewelry components. The exposure to borosilicate work was immediate, but the transition of his interests grew slowly until now he works mostly with borosilicate, focusing on pendants, murrine and small pieces. Doug moved to Paradise in 2010 and works in a local glass supply store to help finance his art. Since 2004, he has taught classes in various aspects of mosaics, surface design, beads and pendants.

Pamela Klein

Since 1986, Pamela Klein has been creating, learning and teaching jewelry. She has spent eighteen years in the retail sector as co-owner of bead and jewelry shops in both Kona, Hawaii and Nevada City, California. She is currently dedicated to her home studio in Grass Valley, CA, where she can create beautiful jewelry with sterling silver, copper, and one-of-a-kind gemstones. She also teaches in the local community, offering classes in metalworking, wireworking and beading.

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Right Angle Weave/Flat Spiral -- $20.00 Materials not included

You can never have too many weave patterns! This one is for all of you precise beaders! We are confident that the right angles in this weave will leave you feeling aesthetically content. Not only is this design fun to bead (I mean…what ISNT?), but this design is also elegant and perfect any special occasion.

  • Saturday, May 6th 2-5pm

Making Shibori Ribbon -- $25.00 Materials not included

In this class, Cindy will be teaching how to make your very own Shibori Ribbon. We are just obsessed with this stuff! It’s lovely for bead embroidery, and wouldn’t it be even lovelier to learn how to dye it and form it yourself? This means endless options for coloration and design, as well as a new way to trademark your pieces, having created the materials yourself!

  • Saturday, July 1st 10-5pm

Silk Scarf Painting -- $60.00 Materials included

In this class we will introduce the practice of silk painting with resist. We will be using a water based gutta resist and silk paints. We are using silk paints instead of dyes because we can set the paint with an iron, this way you can take the finished piece with you at the end of class. The teacher will provide the scarves and supplies. You can bring images for inspiration; you will creation your own design on the scarf. We will draw the design on to the scarf and trace it with the gutta resist. Then we will break for lunch so the resist can dry fully. After lunch we will paint the scarf, let it dry and iron it. Then your scarf is ready to wear or hang.

  • Saturday, July 15th 10-4pm

Dichotic Glass -- $130.00 ($30.00 Kit included) Materials included

You will get to make several pendants, earrings, pins, etc. … and one small 2-1/2”dish. We will discuss what dichroic glass is, and a few ways to work with it. We will cover how the glass is labeled, and what to expect when firing dichroic glass. We will learn 3 methods to etch the dichroic glass. We will go over layering and ways to hang your jewelry. We need the second day to we can fire the pieces overnight and then learn about finishing or ‘cold working’ glass (grinding and drilling holes). The teacher will provide all of the material needed. Some experience with cutting glass is helpful but not necessary.

  • June Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th Noon to 3pm

Crescent Bracelet/Necklace -- $30.00 Materials not included

If you’ve been to String Bead in the last year, then you have seen how our new guest teacher has simply changed the beading world with her awesome projects! Let Cindy blow your mamnd, yet again, with the Crescent Bracelet/Necklace. While perusing an issue of Bead and Button Magazine, she found this design, only to discover that it’s SO MUCH FUN! Join us in class to learn how to bead this delicate, feathered weave.

  • Saturday, June 3rd 10-5pm

Herringbone Ropes -- $20.00 Materials not included

Herringbone rope weaves are the perfect lazy weave. Many have said that this technique is more therapeutic than meditation! Picture yourself, lounging on the couch while your favorite show plays in the background, happily beading this simple necklace. Let Cindy help you make this dream a reality and show you some fun extra ways to use this technique. Give us a call or pop by the shop to sign up! Spaces are limited, and Cindy’s classes are always a hit, so be sure to reserve yourself a seat!

  • Saturday, June 3rd 12:30-1:30pm

Dutch Spiral -- $20.00 Materials not included

We are so excited to add this new class on Dutch Spiral weaves! In this design, we use three different types of beads which make this weave unique, and so fun to watch it all come together. We will be using some delica beads in this project, so expect your necklace to have sparkle, and pizzazz!

  • Saturday, May 6th 10-1pm

Peyote Bezels on Jewels -- $20.00 Materials not included

For those who like the idea of setting a crystal, but might be a little afraid of the torch, Cindy is here to help you learn the art to bezel your jewels! We will be showing all of the ins and outs to peyote stitching around your chatons and rivolis. These make perfect pendants, and also gorgeous bracelets. Come have fun with us at a Saturday class!

  • Saturday, May 20th 2-5pm

Coloring Book Beaded Embroidered w/ Shibori Ribbon -- $30.00 Materials not included

Our guest teacher Cindy has outdone herself with her creativity this time. She has opened a whole new world of beaded appliqué to this design, and we are truly intrigued. Let Cindy show you that adult coloring books AREN’T just for coloring! They can be used to create a one of a kind piece that will leave people gawking at your jewelry. Join us for a day of fun with free-form beading!

  • Saturday, June 10th 10-5pm

Making Summer Flowers -- $20.00 Materials not included

Does this cuff bracelet looks like you seen it before. You have its from the front cover of “Bead & Button”. Embrace the sunny days ahead with this simply adorable piece. In this class, we will be showing how to create a peyote stitch cuff that is stiff! If you’d like to learn how to bead over your metals, then this class is for you! We know what we will be wearing all summer!

  • Saturday, May 20th 10-1pm