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Off Season Classes

These are classess we're not currently offering this season. If you're interested in private class on one of these topics, just give us a call at 530/894-2323 today for more information!

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Beaded Ornaments -- $20.00 Materials Not included

Jazz up your old Christmas decorations with these cool beaded ornament covers! Learn how to read and follow this pattern to confidently make multiple ones at home. Make sets for friends or family!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Floating Necklace -- $20.00 Materials not included

Learn how to create lovely floating necklaces in our new class! This design is perfect for someone who has tons of extra beads, or for someone who likes a nice relaxing beading project. The end result of this wonderful class is a necklace that could never be overbearing, as it is beautiful in its simplicity.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Beaded Wire Cuff -- $20.00 Materials not included

This bracelet is a new take on an old design. We have taken your old wire cuff class and given it a facelift! Lose yourself in curly q’s and spirals as you create this lovely bracelet that looks stunning on everyone. With so many beads to choose from, we’re sure that this bracelet will be your new favorite thing to make. Not only is the bracelet gorgeous, it’s fun to make! Sign up today so you have it ready for your next “little black dress” event.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Soft Soldering Kaleidoscope -- $20.00 (45.00 Kit Fee) Materials not included

Here we have soft soldering coming together with some creative sparkle to make yourself an adorable kaleidoscope!! The main focus of this class is soft soldering: how to, the tools, and all the best techniques. Soft soldering is a charm of its own. It’s not truly jewelry soldering, but it still has appeal because it is used for setting things that can't handle the heat of a flame or the rigors of riveting. Learn all about cutting your glass and soldering your pieces together!!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Earrings-- $35.00 Materials included

We’ve updated our earrings class yet again, so come on in and find out why we believe that the changes will make this class so much fun! In this class you’ll learn to make five different styles of earrings in just three hours.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Bronze Clay -- $45.00 Materials not included

Love P.M.C? But don’t like the prize. Bronze Clay is the way to go. Learn how use every piece of the clay, how to store it for later, set the kiln up, and how to get the most out of texturing and stacking. Have fun with the great colors it turns during firing, or learn how to make it the shinny bronze that everyone loves.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Precious Metal Clay (P.M.C.) -- $35.00 Materials not included

This is a basic class to get you familiar with the medium and the tools. Learn how to make pendants or earring pieces using this unique clay. Find out different ways of firing the projects as well as polishing and cleaning them up. If you find you like this material we have more advanced classes!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Organic Metal Patina -- $35.00 Materials not included

Explore the wonderful world of changing metals from garish to gorgeous! Antique it, burn it, melt it, stuff it into little pots of potato chips, grass, eggs, tobacco, and sawdust, and see what comes out! Beautiful, permanent, quirkie! If it’s questionable, patina it! We will color, streak, blob and otherwise chew up metal and bring out its hidden beauty.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Peyote Stitch Bag-- $35.00 Materials not included

Learn Peyote bead work: How to start and work even and odd count Peyote. Learn to design and read a Peyote pattern. Make a Peyote sampler while learning what it will take to turn it into a finished bag.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Soft Soldering -- $35.00 Materials included

Soft Soldering has a charm of its own! Not truly Jewelry soldering, it is a great skill for setting things that can’t take a flame heat or the rigors of riveting. In this class we will be soldering pictures under glass and soldering around tiles, old china, and other fun bits and pieces to make some really spiffy charms.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Seed Bead Earrings -- $20.00 Materials Included

This is a simple starter for seed bead stitching. This classic earring style is fun and can be changed in size and color for every pair you make. We’re using tiny beads so bring your magnifiers for this one!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

City Earrings -- $35.00 Earring kit included

Atalia takes her earrings seriously, and we are glad of this since she makes most of the earrings in the store. She has lots of great ideas and techniques to share with this class. She has five pairs planed and more in the wings if time allows. Great fun! Beginning Wire is a pre-requisite.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Wrap Around Bracelet -- $20.00 Materials Not included

You see these everywhere! It’s time to make one for you and all your friends. We go over the different ways these are made, then we design one out! Fun, Fast, EASY bracelet, at the right price too.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Snowflake Ornaments -- $20.00 Materials Not included

Start the holidays season off right with hand made snowflake ornaments or pendants! Learn how to make the frames and then decorate them into beautiful items to wear or display.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Mixed-Media -- $20.00 Some Materials included

Gears, Resins, Epoxies, Cold connections of all sorts!!! Using hollow bezel forms, wire, found pieces, and much more we will explore the possibilities of cold connection jewelry! Recycling at its best!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Leather & Metal -- $35.00 Materials included

What do you get when you mix leather, metal, and a little bit of riveting? A gorgeous, trendy, bracelet of course! But who wants findings that anyone can buy in a store or at a show? This class will take you through the steps and techniques to altering and manipulating your metal into unique hinges, endings, and clasp. We will do some easy riveting and textering. And we will learn how to secure your metal pieces into you leather. End result being a fun piece, uniquely yours, that everybody will love!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Elegant Wire Bracelet -- $20.00 Materials included

Looking for a different things to do with your wire wrapping skills? Using square and half round wire and a plethora of standard tools we will create this elegant bracelet. It’s the perfect gift for yourself and all your friends.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Crystal & Chain --$20.00 Materials not included

You want to take your skills to the next level? Don’t know what to do with all that chain? Take this class and learn how to work with chain. Walk away with a beautiful goddess necklace all done by you.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Rhinestone Bracelet -- $20.00 Materials Not included

Rhinestone Chain is so beautiful, and SO popular! But what to do with it? Come learn how to make this one -of-a-kind bracelet. Learn how to start it, end it and all the in-betweens.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Ice Resin Paper and Bezels -- $20.00 Materials Not included

Learn how to make fun jewelry with Ice Resin. We will be making Ice Resin Paper, and learning how to make fun bezel jewelry. So join us as we learn all about Ice Resin.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Polymer Meets Resin -- $20.00 Some Materials included

Never played with Resin? What about Polymer Clay? Oh…well this is the class for you. This class is taking the new and old stuff and putting them together. Learn to get a dichroic glass look. Depth and texture all in the same informative class.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Scarf Netting Necklace-- $45.00 Materials Not Included

A fringed tubular netting project to embellish a long scarf is what you will be making in the class. You will have the skills to finish it at home over and over again. Welcome Gaye Linch so our teaching crew. Gaye says “ eight years ago I discovered a wonderful group of women who meet weekly to bead together and have been learning, exploring and sharing the delightful world of beads since then. Recently I have relocated to Northern California and look forward to meeting and working with the Paradise and Chico beaders”.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Bling It! w/Epoxy Clay -- $20.00 Materials not included

This is NEWEST thing on the market! A 2-part moldable epoxy that lets you add dimension to your piece. For all of you repurposing costume jewelry this is your medium! For those of you who just LOVE bling…this will allow you to add as much as you can cram in! We are really excited to share all we have learned about this versatile new colorful medium!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Manipulating Metal -- $20.00 Some Materials included

Acquire the art of working with heavy gauge wire! Learn how to attain the perfect spiral and which hammers will give you the effect you want. You will also learn how to whip up a quick and easy patina with ingredients you have around your house

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Paper Beads -- $35.00 Materials not included

Paper beads are fast, fun and light weight to wear! With countless possibilities of techniques, finishes, colors and shapes paper is never boring! We will be exploring a host of different finishes and techniques, including matte, glass, faux lampwork (using a heat embossing too), All skill levels welcome!

  • Not offered this class schedule

Free-Form Peyote

Fun, easy, and you don't have to worry about making mistakes! It's all about going with flow. You will want to bring varying sizes and shapes of beads, along with some seed beads for the base, your choice in how big or small.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Intro. To Polymer Clay -- $20.00 Materials not included

Learn the basics to polymer clay. Come see how far you can go with this seemingly basic medium. We'll show you the tricks of the trade we know, to get you ready for Christi Friesen's classes (coming in the spring)!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Chain Mail -- $45.00 Materials not included

This is Janette’s favorite bracelet and it will be your favorite too. Your friends won’t believe you made it yourself. After learning this chain design, you’ll discover you can use it in many other projects too. Class space is limited so sign up early.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Bridal Jewelry Plus -- $20.00 Materials not included

Hair dressers and moms this class if for you. Have a bride to be coming down the ramp, be prepared. Loads of ways to do, clips, veils, tiaras, fans, favors, bouquet, etc.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

CZ Wire Ring -- $45.00 Materials not included

Wire-Wrapped Prerequisite
Learn how to set a Cubic zircon with no hole into a wire ring using snap settings. Don’t forget sizing rings, find out how to correctly measure the wire. The rings can be made as simple or ornate as desired.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Multi-Strand -- $20.00 Materials not included

Beg. Beading Prerequisite
New ways to finish you necklaces, and new findings are always being created! This class is great for learning how to use all those beads you are having a hard time designing jewelry with. Find out how to incorporate them into a necklace that fits your style.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Cage Wrapping Stones -- $20.00 Materials not included

We are so excited to unveil the new wire wrapping designs we’ve discovered! Join us in our updated Cage Wrapping class, and learn these new techniques for wire wrapping your stones. After this class, you’ll see that there are very few things you can’t do with wire, and all of the rock’s you’ve collected over the years will have a new purpose!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Memory Wire Bracelet -- $20.00 Materials not included

This new design on memory wire is so simple, after taking this class, you’ll never forget it! A statement piece like this one is always a great accessory to have in your jewelry box. We will be using an assortment of beautiful beads in this design; you will want to wear it every day!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Stackables -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Stringbead is excited to be teaching how to make these trendy stackable rings! Learn how to make a set of five rings in our workshop. We will be pairing our soldering skills with our design skills to create this timeless, delicate project. We will be using bronze, copper, and sterling. First a plain ring, the hammered ring. You will get a shot at a tube setting and the how- to's on how to make your own tube settings. Learn how to properly solder a twisted wire ring. And a balled and stamped ring too! We will not be covering all the rules of soldering (that's the Beginning Soldering class) but if you have had torch soldering Experience you will do fine!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Know Your Tools-- $35.00 Some Materials included

String Bead has a plethera of tools and is always on the lookout for new ones! But how do you use them? How do you get signed off, so you CAN us them. 3 hours of talking tool WHEEEE! Ask load of questions and snub all the boys with your tool prowess.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Setting Pearls -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Brooches! How fun! We will demo several brooch backs and discuss the different professional ways to set half drilled stones and pearls, while making this adorable brooch. You will leave the class knowing some great new skills!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Enameled Flower Neck Cuff -- $45.00 Some Materials included

This project was too pretty to leave at home! Unlike most of our other classes this is a PROJECT class. We will ONLY be making this Neck cuff. We WILL be Torch Enameling The flowers. But we WON’T be going into depth on torch enameling techniques (That’s Torch Enameling. We have that class too).We WILL be twisting multiple layers of wires, filing and shaping to form a beautiful cuff to wind our awesome flowers around. This is a remarkable piece that has tons of potential.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Soldered Chain -- $45.00 Some Materials included

This is our NEW favorite thing! Making Chains! Lots of them! Quickly and efficiently! As we all know time is money so in this class we will share some great professional shortcuts for assembling chain and getting the beauty and uniqueness you can only achieve by making your own chains. Bring a whole new dimension to your jewelry! We will explore turns twists and toggles too!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Intermediate Soldering Ring -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Knowing how to use your torch is just the beginning! Learning proper setup, fit, how to control your solder flow, why joints break sometimes, what metals do what in the flame, and how to troubleshoot all of the above is the focus of this class while giving you loads of time at the torch.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Heavy Wire Multi-Bangle Cuff -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Love to play with wire? Well we have the class for you! Learn how to twist, bend, texture, and manipulate your metal into a fantastic, multi-bangle inspired cuff! We will spend time working on how to keep your pieces pliable, proper texturing techniques, and there's even a small glimpse into making some of your own findings. Learn the secrets of working with heavy gauges and keeping a professional look using the tools that make the job easier.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Crinkle Cuff -- $35.00 Some Materials included

Learn how to make metal move, bend, and twist at your will! Let us show you the magic behind annealing your metal and making it pliable, all while creating for yourself an incredible cuff to add to your collection. Also included will be some patina and riveting skills for you to acquire! Multiple times to the torch and what to do before and after. Learn lots more about metal gauges and their properties.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Beginning Glass Bead Making -- $150.00 Materials included

This class will get you heading in the right direction, and sets a good foundation for a long career in Glass Bead Making. In-depth safety and technique are stressed in this class. The do's and don'ts of Sting Bead's Backroom glass stations are covered. And the skills you'll need to make different shaped beads are tried. Different tools are presented and a basic knowledge of glass and how it applies to beads are all covered.

  • Please Call to Schedule Date (Full Day Class)

Hidden Riveting -- $35.00 Some Materials included

Hidden rivets: taking riveting to the next level!! Layer these three pieces of metal into what looks like a soldered masterpiece, but which is actually completely flame-free assembly! We will share with you all of our favorite riveting tips and tricks to get your pieces looking as close to perfect every time. Lots of sawing and riveting!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Open Saw Cuff -- $35.00 Some Materials included

It's time to become acquainted with the skill and beauty of open saw work! Acquire the passion and the patience while working on a cuff bracelet that you’ll love forever. Get to know the tricks that take the frustration out of saw work. Take the mystery out of filing sanding and finishing open saw work. Learn to love and be comfortable with open work. All Skill levels are welcome (if you are a beginner you may not finish in class).

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Make Your Own Findings -- $35.00

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Soldered Rings -- $35.00 Materials not included

Beginning Soldering Prerequisite
You can never have enough rings! Learn how to make simple bands out of different shaped wire as well as making more advanced swirl and wire knot rings.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Clasps & Bails -- $35.00 Materials not included

Beginning soldering Prerequisite
This class is for making anything from toggles to bails to even head pins. You'll learn tricks and tips to decorating them as well to make your pieces as fancy or classic as you want. A great way to become more efficient at soldering.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Intro. To Casting -- $65.00 Materials not included

This class is an introduction to Lost Wax Casting. The whole process will be discussed, along with visuals, from start to finish. You'll explore the amazing range of possibilities for creating jewelry or sculpture in various types of waxes. Then you'll begin modeling your very first piece out of sheet wax, and then onto some soft wax. These pieces will then be cast by the instructor. You'll receive a voucher to return the following week to pick up you cast piece and be able to finish it in the shop.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Exploring Enameling -- $65.00 Some Materials included

Glass on metal, how exciting! We have learned so much in Tucson this year! Come and learn all of the new techniques and skills we have been practicing! Metal artists add a whole new dimension to your work, COLOR! Glass artists you too can enjoy a whole new facet of “the best medium in the world” (Carole’s opinion!). Come be part of this new Backroom technique.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Boro Pendants -- $100.00 Materials included

Aaron Nielsen began lampworking with borosilicate glass in 2006. Amazed by the properties and applications of glass in both Artistic and industrial fields, he strives to learn as many different techniques and styles as well as create his own. He now operate his own home studio here in Chico, Ca. and produce many individual and unique pieces as well as many commission pieces. His Beginning Borosilicate Pendant class will cover all the basic techniques in borosilicate lampworking. He will demonstrate different techniques of adding colored glass to clear and "imploding" it to create very cool and dynamic patterns. Also shown will be shaping techniques necessary for making clasps, pendants, earrings, etc. "I try to get around to everyone in class and provide very personal instruction and always make sure people go home with a nice piece of work produced in class. Glass is very amazing and exciting stuff and I love showing people how fun and accessible making glass art is."

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

P.M.C. Rings -- $65.00 Materials not included

Intro. To P.M.C. Prerequisite
Did you know P.M.C. shrinks? Do you know how much? This is a class that will teach you the math involved with P.M.C. in order to figure out how to make your rings turn out the correct size! Learn how to set a CZ and decorate your ring without distorting it. Janette has all the tricks of the trade for this class!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

P.M.C. Molds, Stamps, & Stones -- $65.00 Materials not included

Intro. To P.M.C. Prerequisite
Molds, stamps, presses and bling! Learn how and why you can set CZ’s in your P.M.C. and decorate it with layers of texture to give your piece the finishing touches it needs to really make is sing.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Intermediate Glass -- $75.00 Some Materials Included

The next step in your glasswork! This class is all about incasing, more advanced stringers and keeping control of your glass! Explore more advanced techniques in decorating glass beads. Practice your basics for this class!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Bead Sculpture -- $75.00 Materials included

Love to mash, pull or manipulate glass? Find out some cool techniques to direct the glass in to shapes of objects, animals or whatever else your imagination can come up with!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Cup Chain Tennis Bracelet-- $20.00 Materials not included

We are in love with this bracelet. You all know about crystal cup chain. Well, we’ve added Swarovski Crystals and seed beads into our recipe for the most gorgeous bracelet. Join us in class in making this quick weave that will have all of your co-workers, friends, and family just begging you to make more!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Shibori Ribbon Drop -- $25.00 Materials not included

We just couldn’t resist all of the lovely designs we’d seen done with Shibori Ribbon, so by popular demand, we’ve added a few classes using this gorgeous material. Save yourself a seat in this class, and learn how to make this elegant pendant that will leave you drooling. Don’t let the picture fool you, this design is amazing, but SIMPLE! Let us show you the ropes so you can wear one, too!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Candy Cane Earrings -- $30.00 Materials not included

Celebrate the sweetness of the holidays with these cute Candy Cane Earrings! You’ll learn increasing and decreasing Brick Stitch and Ladder Stitch and how to follow a pattern. These make great gifts!

Level: Intermediate Beadweaving (Beginners are still welcome, maybe work with 8s instead of 11s)

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Viking Knit Rope Bracelet -- $35.00 Materials not included

Wow. It looks impossible but making this rope chain is actually pretty easy. We'll weave wire into a loose pattern and then learn how to draw it down into a smaller, longer, compact rope. Also learn lots of ways to finish your piece. Weaving tool provided for you to take home.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate Wire (Beginners are welcome but Intermediate wire workers will not be bored)

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Crazy Coils Bracelet -- $30.00 Materials not included

Learn all about coiling wire, coiling the coils, and coiling around beads! This is an impressive wire-worked bracelet that shows off ceramic Kazuri beads. You'll take basic wire skills a step further, using the Coiling Gizmo, working with heavy & thin gauges, and making your own clasp.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate Wire (Beginners are welcome but Interemdiate wire workers will not be bored)

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Tubular Peyote Stitched Vial -- $30.00 Materials not included

By stitching around a sweet little glass vial you'll learn the basics of tubular peyote stitch – a classic beadweaving stitch that comes in handy in lots of situations. You can make this decorative vial (make it into an amulet necklace, or a pretty gift that holds special treasure!) or, if you prefer, you can bring something else to bead around. We we will cover even- and odd-count tubular peyote as well as how to create and follow a pattern.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate Beadweaving (Beginners are welcome but Intermediate beaders will not be bored)

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Flat Herringbone Stitch Bracelet -- $30.00 Materials not included

Bead up some pretty and comfortable flat bracelets and learn herringbone stitch in the process! Flat herringbone stitch weaves beads into an unusual pattern and, here, colorful strips of beads accent the background. The variations to this pattern are countless and these little bracelets look great layered on your wrist! Bonus stitch: we'll also use Brick Stitch to end the bracelet.

Level: Beginner-Intermediate Beadweaving (Beginners are welcome but Intermediate beaders will not be bored)

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Beaded Embroidered Cabochon Pendant -- $40.00 Materials not included

Learn the basics of bead embroidery by stitching a cabochon to a suede backing. We'll cover back-stitch, peyote stitch, edging, bead embroidery, and bail-making - the fundamentals for both basic and elaborate bead embroidery projects.

Level: Intermediate Beadweaving (Beginners are still welcome, just pick a smaller stone)

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Beginning Boro Pendants -- $150.00 Materials included

An 7 hour class introducing borosilicate glass to the novice. Doug Dossett began working with glass in 1994 and began working with borosilicate in 2004. Doug will introduce you to the torch and melting boro, including cutting the glass, working with frit, beginning implosion techniques, making loops and working with marble molds. Each student will receive individual attention in the small class and will make at least one piece, but probably more! Individual classes available (call for prices and times).

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Intermediate Riveting -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Riveting the unrivetable! How do we rivet those fragile pieces? Keep them moving, and layer them, as well as keep them structurally sound. We will have limited components available, like our little enameled flowers, but taking the “enameled flower” class first gives you a lot more to work with. We will work on a pendant/ring and maybe, if you’re fast, one more piece.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

How to Polish Metal -- $35.00 Some Material included

There is never time in classes to do proper FINISH work! This class is all about just that! We will be exploring the professional, provocative, and permanent way to achieve the right shine and brilliance of your metal. We will cover files, sandpapers, buffs, and OH SO MUCH MORE!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Riveting -- $35.00 Materials not included

This is an introduction to joining metal without having to solder, which is revolutionary for all of us that don't like the torch! Sheets of metal can be riveted, laced, or folded together so that they remain firmly connected. These various methods of joining, also lend a beautiful design element to a piece.

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Kiln Enameling -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Finally! How to kiln enamel! The perfect enameling surfaces without the drawbacks of torchburn! Although we LOVE torch enameling some pieces just need …the kiln!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

Ear Cuffs & Climbers -- $45.00 Some Materials included

Let’s dress up your ears! With Cuffs and Climbers! Torch Soldering skills are necessary for this class. Let’s play with tube settings and half drilled pearls; prong settings are also available. This is a fun intermediate class where we put your soldering skills to the test!

  • Call for private classes (prices vary)

*Due to the fact that our Guest Artists must travel and prepare in advance there will be NO refunds or Class Credits given for missed or canceled classes. You may send someone in place of you ONLY.


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